Robert Ting

Associate Principal, Dallas

Robert Ting is a world traveler keen on continuously learning about the practice of architecture through different lenses. He makes a point to visit somewhere new at least twice a year. This international outlook has informed the multi-faceted way in which he approaches his projects, one that employs a minimalist perspective that stresses the importance of context.

While growing up in Malaysia, Robert’s father and uncle took on an interest in building entire neighborhoods. Robert was fascinated by the process and spent his free time on construction sites, feeling right at home in the thick of the action. By the time he came to the United States, it was clear he would study architecture. Robert finds joy and relaxation through cooking for himself and his wife almost every night. Though initially a lone traveler, he and his wife explore places together now and hope to retire abroad someday.


“In order to look forward, you have to look backwards. We learn from what we do, how we do, how we see, and how we experience.”
RobertTing sketching
454 Insurgentes Residential Tower
Monterrey, Mexico
Robert Ting mentoring with models
Robert Ting at a board making notes
An avid traveler, Robert has been to every single country on the European continent—his favorite destination being Italy.

Robert is a fan of soccer (Arsenal, to be specific), and grew up playing in Malaysia.