Sarah Rege

Principal, Corporate and Commercial, San Francisco

Sarah grew up with dreams of being an artist, but her engineer father encouraged her to pursue something more concrete. During a family visit to Sea Ranch, California—still one of her favorite getaway destinations—Sarah recognized the connection between buildings and art, and was inspired to pursue architecture. She appreciated the way that the community was designed in harmony with nature, and continues to apply that experience to her design perspective today.

Sarah thinks about design as it relates to its environment. She sees each building as a community—it takes many pieces, people, and parts to make a building function as it should. Her goal is to make each building a healthy place to be.

An avid runner, Sarah plans her vacations around ideal running routes. She enjoys spending time with her husband—a fellow creative—and two daughters, and supports their artistic sides as much as possible.

San Francisco International Airport, Consolidated Administration Campus, Phase I
As SFO expanded, the diaspora of airport staff across the campus caused increased difficulty for collaboration and departmental connectivity. The CAC remedies this by consolidating four distinct employee groups under one roof unifying administrative and technical departments with easy access to landslide, terminal, and air-side activities.

“We build buildings for people. We spend a lot of time thinking about the exterior of a building and how it relates to the larger context. But, when you think about an office and the people working there all day, you start to think about how the designs affect them—an open stair, healthy materials, an operable window, etc.”

San Francisco International Airport, Consolidated Administration Campus, Phase I
A central stair, which is open to each level, provides daylight and promotes active design.