Scott Davidson

Principal, Health

Scott has a passion for healthcare architecture and believes deeply in its mission to create spaces that bridge the complexity of high-functioning operational buildings, and are also beautiful, spiritual environments with the power to aid in healing and well-being.

Having dedicated his career to shaping such spaces, he leads our health practice for the North Central Region of the United States, exercising his strength in big-picture strategy to help distill and clarify each project’s story. An avid reader with over 3,000 books in his at-home library, Scott is always searching for the heart of a project’s story, viewing success only when a client is able to clearly state it in their own words, taking ownership and pride in what has been achieved.

As a teacher and mentor, Scott guides his teams and projects with a methodology that ensures design, planning, building, and processes are holistically balanced and aligned.

“I fully believe hospitals are spiritual places. They are where we take our first breath and where many of us will take our last. Historically, they’ve focused overwhelmingly on function without recognizing the deep impact on those that inhabit them; I've centered my career around changing this.”