Therese Bak

Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, London

Therese’s transatlantic experiences have shaped her career in architecture and approach to design. Therese was born in South Korea, and moved to the United States and Canada with her family as a child. She went on to study in New York, and as part of her studies spent time in Rome and Berlin where history, culture, and politics shaped the built environment. After working in New York, Therese came to London as part of the project team for the “Walkie Talkie” building. She is now leading The Stage Shoreditch development.

Experiencing and designing landmark and large scale civic architecture, she has seen how design has the power to transform people’s places and lives. A collaborative approach, which hears everyone’s voice, can allow us to create places that positively contribute the communities culturally, socially, and economically.

“As designers it is our responsibility to listen to the varied needs of stakeholders and communities, and address these by putting all these pieces of the puzzle together.”

Therese's Featured Work

The Stage
London, United Kingdom