Confidential Fintech Client

Budapest, Hungary
A tech hub for co-creation

This global investment management firm was looking for a new space to support its distinct culture of collaboration, inclusion and feedback, all of which, the firm believes, are key drivers of innovation.

Our design merges these values with Budapest’s diverse cultural context. Local Ruin Bars, the Sziget Music Festival, and even the Rubik Cube were used as sources for architectural inspiration. The layout provides various alternative workspaces and technologies that give employees more choice over how and where they work. The result is a space that celebrates the notion of people coming together, connecting, co-creating and interacting in an innovative and healthy environment.

The design has set a new benchmark for the firm’s Global Office Design Guidelines, with the firm benefiting from teams working closely together in an environment that caters for different working styles and team requirements.

Open, semi-private cube structures create different experiences and support various types of collaboration.
Design Excellence

The space is built around the concept of co-creation, with custom-made structures incorporated to support teamwork. Custom made triangular booths, originally inspired by the Logiface Puzzle, can be adapted in a number of configurations and provide comfortable settings for collaboration. They also function as an acoustic buffer between potentially disruptive teamwork and quieter concentrated work.

What makes it cool
A space that celebrates people coming together, connecting, co-creating and interacting into an innovative and healthy environment.

Large communal areas go beyond functional requirements to create flexible, multifunctional spaces that open up to become popular, welcoming zones and an important part of the visitor experience.

There are multiple areas for impromptu meetings and conversations.
The new staircase connects the floors and promotes interaction and activity.

Wellness played an essential part in the design process and was woven into every design decision. A new staircase promotes mobility, while external terrace areas, natural internal planting and a mother’s room have all been incorporated. Materials such as timber, metal and exposed concrete create a feeling of openness while maintaining a fresh, welcoming and familiar atmosphere.


Located in a former printworks in the Lőportárdűlő district of Budapest, the landlord developed the site to retain the historic building as a co-working space wrapped by a new multi-tenanted office building. The development secured LEED Platinum.

A suspended cube ceiling structure reflects the 'ruin bars' in the Jewish quarter of Budapest.

Project Team

Linzi Cassels