True North Advisors

True North Office

Dallas, Texas
A Branded Experience

With a strong focus on people and relationships, internally and with clients, True North Advisors challenged our team to capture the story of their brand and develop a space that would bring their philosophies of operation into the built environment.  
Partnering with their internal committees, our team focused on all aspects of the project including brand integration, workspaces, meeting and community space, and audio/visual. We established a smart integration of program data into the available floorplan and created varied experiences for the employees.  
True North wanted the space to reflect their modern approach to wealth management and set them apart from the competition. We used refined and quality materials in key applications to help define zones and frame views which led to a dynamic space that maximized the impact of light, views, and functionality.

True North Conference Room
Design Elements

A back lit ceiling reading “TRUE NORTH” anchors the lounge and creates a 3-D extrapolation of their logo. Combining a subdued palette with a focus on texture and use of white to create bold contrast, the space offers a holistic built approach to the “True North Way.”

True North Conference Room
Exposed structures are juxtaposed against streamlined, modern architectural elements.
True North Open Office
Presiding in a penthouse suite, the office provides sweeping views of downtown.
True North Kitchen
The floorplan incorporates a circulation path, with key functional spaces, like the pantry, interjected along the path.

Project Team

Brigitte Preston
Anne Kniffen