Guestroom 2035

A futuristic hotel room concept for Accor

In partnership with Accor, we have designed a hotel room concept, as part of the Sleep and Eat 2020 hospitality event. A digital installation, titled ‘Hotel 2035’, showcased a range of innovative ideas for the hotel of tomorrow. Tasked with showcasing the best of innovation in hospitality design today, alongside a glimpse into what can be expected from guestrooms over the next 15 years, we have created a minimalist yet elegant space for Accor’s Mövenpick brand, which was voted the world’s most sustainable hotel group in 2016 and 2017.

The immersive design concept explores three central themes: generosity to the guest, transformation, and encouraging guests’ connection with the natural environment.

Our vision is that guests can unhook from the stresses and strains of daily life and travel, in a space that promotes mental and physical well-being whilst remaining environmentally conscious, cocooned by the small indulgences of Mövenpick’s world famous generosity.

What makes it cool
Designed for the hotel guest of 2035, this suite provides a uniquely personalised experience with sustainability underpinning each core element of the design.
Guided tour with our head of hospitality Neil Andrew
Generosity to the Guest

We have created a space which focuses on generosity as an essential aspect of a guest’s experience. From a vertical forest running the length of the hotel, providing an exciting opportunity to grow herbs and grapes to be used in the hotel’s F&B offerings, to the integration of an AI Travel Buddy tool, the design aims to create a unique and personalised experience for guests.

The AI Travel Buddy can predict a guest’s interests and desires, or measure their mood, and adapt the room accordingly. Guests could use the range of smart surfaces to project personal images, or use the smart windows with an integrated TV to watch a film or as a life-sized projection surface for a personal trainer.

The guestroom can transform into any setting it needs accommodate.
Clockwise from top left: dinner, workout, meditation, movie.
Totally Transformable

From the concealed coffee table and work desk to a virtual keyboard and moveable side lamps, the layout can be transformed with eight different configurations to accommodate sleep, mediation, and spa treatments, working out, lounging or dining. This gives guests complete flexibility to adapt the room to suit the experience or activity they wish to enjoy.

Leaders in Sustainable Hospitality
The room has been designed following 100% circular economy design principles, considering every material’s life cycle, and using sustainable and recycled materials throughout.

Following its completion, a life cycle analysis of the room revealed that it has 1/10 of the impact on the environment that a typical 4 star hotel guestroom fit-out would.

With recycled terrazzo flooring, algae glass, and a microbial weaved ceiling similar to the bacterial ‘scoby’ that emerges during the kombucha fermentation process, the life cycle of every material was considered, and sustainable and recycled materials used throughout. This even extends to the lighting, with a soft glow coming from bioluminescent organisms swimming in ceiling tanks.

Close attention was also paid to how the guest room would fit into the broader practices of Mövenpick. The walls are constructed from a 3D printed biopolymer, created from oak barrels that Mövenpick uses when fermenting wine, and which resemble fluted timber.

Neil Andrew, head of hospitality, says:
“Now, more than ever, design has to help support the sector in making progress with environmental targets, and this was a key consideration for us throughout the process. We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Accor to continue the legacy of the Mövenpick brand as a leader in sustainability.”

Project Team

Neil Andrew