Kings College Hospital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nature Heals

The 100-bed hospital was designed to consider the patient experience, from the moment the patient arrives to the moment they complete their treatment. Studies have shown as little as three minutes of contact with nature significantly reduces stress, anxiety, and fear. Multiple green spaces were included for proven improvement to mood and shorter hospital stays. One of those spaces is a roof garden accessible to the public, patients, and staff. Patients experience nature and skyline views from each room which increases exposure to natural light and in turn inducing calmness.

The façade is an interpretation of the shading effect generated by the textured landscape of wind-blown sand. This texture has been abstracted as an architectural expression wrapping the hospital to provide self-shading and aid in direct solar protection.
Patient Care
Giving patients a sense of control can significantly decrease stress. Patients can control their own in-room environment, from the lighting, sound and temperature to when they would like their meals and what they would like to eat. All these components are centrally controlled by a handset attached to the patient’s bed.
The design incorporates features that reduce stress and promote healing through the incorporation of research in patient-centric design.
The state-of-the-art 100-bed facility is located in Dubai Hills in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

Project Team

Nick Seierup