Professional Services Firm

Manchester, United Kingdom
A transformative tech hub

With flexible working deep-rooted in its culture, the client needed a modern and inspiring new space. This would be capable of supporting its 600-strong Manchester team with a more responsive working environment putting people at its heart.

Our design celebrates this visionary spirit while reflecting the city of Manchester’s rich industrial and cultural heritage through visual storytelling and architecture. The result is an invigorating, memorable place that enables people to thrive at their work and supports our client in its commitment to building a better working world.

Above and beyond simply having a new space in which to work, users are now empowered to make their own decisions around flexible working. No desks are assigned to particular staff and agile, collaborative working is encouraged. Active design, connectivity, and choice all combine to provide a human-centric workplace with employee wellbeing at the heart of its design.

*Cottonopolis denotes a metropolis centred on cotton trading servicing the cotton mills in its hinterland.
It was inspired by Manchester, England, and its status as the international centre of the cotton and textile trade during the 19th century. More recently it has become a sobriquet applied solely to the city of Manchester because of its large number of textile factories.
Design Excellence

We created a fresh and engaging environment that delivers an exceptional user experience through a range of creative work settings. Wholeheartedly embracing agility, collaboration and innovation, the environment adapts and reflects an employee’s journey through the day. The flexible, open-plan setting allows people to choose how they work based on the task at hand – whether that is a team collaboration zone or a private, quiet place to focus.

What makes it cool
Invention and discovery is embedded into the user experience instilling a sense of pride and purpose.

Active design strategies are incorporated throughout the design. An attractive feature stair located in a prime location connects the floors and encourages movement. Access to daylight, centralised floor amenities, connectivity and choice provide a comfortable and human-centric workplace which puts employee wellbeing at the heart front and centre, translating our client’s vision and values into an invigorating and memorable working environment.


Supported by the latest technology, central floor hubs feature a variety of collaborative settings and are all linked by a feature staircase to foster visibility and communication. A fully Skype-only-enabled-environment with Surface Hub technology supports multi-location teaming. In response to our client’s emerging digital platform, a storytelling device in the connecting staircase showcases the brand’s digital identity and connects the site with the local context.

Central stair and digital banner

As a people-centric workplace, 2 St Peter’s Square features a myriad of work settings that support mobility and the workflow of individuals. This digital hub is an exciting and highly effective workplace fit to attract top talent and continue to engage existing staff. Featuring an inspiring design narrative that overlayers stories of success and innovation, the space celebrates our client’s core values, Manchester’s powerful history and affirms a sense of belonging and pride.

Collaboration hub
Experiential Design

The visitor and employee experience influenced the design, helping us create a journey that is intuitive, seamless and showcases our client’s brand and values. Outstanding hospitality is integrated into the fully AV enabled client meeting and entertainment suite, while the working floors have been landscaped to offer choice to the user and support their workflow. Vibrant and highly transparent soft neighbourhoods with maximised access to light and views, vertical screening and a variety of desk shapes, provide choice and create a comfortable scale for the users in the open plan areas.

Project Team

Mijail Gutierrez
Linzi Cassels