Royal Street

Royal Street Masterplan Competition

London, United Kingdom
A thriving bio-med tech village that facilitates innovation

Located south of the River Thames, St Thomas’ Hospital is one of London’s most famous teaching hospitals with a known history in important medical breakthroughs including pioneering services to cataracts surgery and the treatment of Crohn’s. Today the hospital continues to attract bio-med companies and people who share similar passions, values, and ambition.

The competition design for the masterplan aims to introduce a thriving bio-med tech village to Royal Street, just a short walk from St Thomas’, that will provide the resources and environment for these ideas to thrive.

The plan turns the traditional medical campus inside out to create a walkable, mixed-use village centered around the health and wellness of patients, the healthcare of staff, and the wellbeing of local residents.

Landscaped plazas and retail units with active frontages providing food and beverage offerings will attract the public and encourage interaction, igniting ideas, and creating a new sense of place.

Aerial view of the masterplan
People & Wellness

The project focuses on urban, building, and room scale in relation to the wellness of the user while also providing a sustainable economic boost to the local community. Buildings frame public landscaped “places” within which the exchange of paths, ideas, and experiences are supported and promoted.

What makes it cool
The intersection of sustainable architecture with the promotion of healthy community design.
Proposed masterplan roof plan
Sustainability & Resilience

The weather in Britain is prone to heavy rainfall, so mitigation measures have been integrated into the architecture using techniques that include planted areas to reduce rainwater run-off. The site is in a marginal flood risk area and appropriate steps to protect the masterplan include green roofs with water attenuation to resist overflow.

View from Archbishops Park
Section through the site
Diversity & Inclusion

The development aims to attract new professional talent, engage with the local community, and provide extraordinary support for patients from all over the UK. The masterplan also focuses on creating new links through the site to connect and link to the neighbouring communities.

View within the Bio-Med Tech hub

Project Team

Daniel Parker