The Oxford Science Park

Oxford, United Kingdom
A radical change

The Oxford Science Park is one of the United Kingdom’s leading science and technology parks. More than 2,500 employees enjoy the park’s beautifully landscaped grounds, benefiting from an exceptional working environment that plays to the rhythm of Oxford’s world-famous spirit of discovery, innovation and research.

With this in mind, it was important that our design for a new laboratory and office environment responded to the site’s prestigious reputation.

The scheme will awaken a previously undeveloped plot on the park’s northern edge, initially providing two buildings but with provisions for an additional structure next-door should the site become available. Arranged around a public space to create a sense of enclosure, sunlight will flood through the site during the day, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users. The potential for an adjacent train station will link to the scheme, transporting people to and from Central Oxford and positively impacting the park’s social potential for many years to come.

The concept for the façade design is derived from the experience of passing through birch trees.

We incorporated high-performance fabrics to reduce energy demand, while the adoption of passive design measures wherever possible will reduce the need for mechanical systems. Lifecycle analysis will reduce embodied energy, and with responsible resourcing to minimise environmental impacts, we are confident of reaching our targeted “Very Good” BREEAM Certification.

What makes it cool
A sustainable and eco-friendly lab which will change the future of development within The Oxford Science Park.

Since the site lies in a flood risk area, most functions are lifted above the flood levels and the ground floor accommodation will be built to the highest standards to mitigate the effects of flooding.

This is a site analysis showing the Nursery plot (far left block), Plot 16 (middle block) and Thames Water Pumping Station (on far right block) which totals 1.81 Ha (4.5 acres).
Concept sketch showing view towards south west from Pocket Park
Connecting Communities

With an emphasis on community engagement, our design includes the creation of external landscaped spaces to facilitate a sense of arrival to the development and the wider park. The new railway station will increase connectivity to the area, unlocking social and economic growth in the coming years.