Mass timber is gaining momentum in BC and beyond—how do we encourage a systemic shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon future?

A new study by Perkins+Will, funded by Forestry Innovation Investment (FII), identifies key drivers for greater adoption of innovative wood systems in BC.

BC is home to a number of precedent-setting mass timber projects that demonstrate the viability of a sustainable, low-carbon approach. However, broader acceptance of mass timber requires industry-wide efforts to share knowledge with all project stakeholders. As key influencers of a project’s decision-making process, it is critical for leasing/marketing, financing/lending and insurance partners to have a clear understanding of mass timber from pre-design through post-occupancy.

The study, Mass Timber Influencers, engaged key influencers in British Columbia (predominantly in Metro Vancouver) in an online survey and in-person panel session to understand their current perceptions, as well as next steps needed to clarify the design and construction process and accelerate the adoption of innovative wood systems in BC. The Mass Timber Influencers report summarizes the survey and panel discussion by providing:

  • An overview of mass timber and its relevance to contemporary design and construction;
  • Survey and panel session findings with key industry influencers;
  • Key benefits and barriers for adoption of mass timber, including areas for further research; and
  • Recommendations and next steps to accelerate adoption of mass timber in BC.

Download the report to find out more.