Innovation Incubator: Beyond the Drawing Board; by Aaron Knorr

A Post-Occupancy Study of the Canada Line Stations

Architecture has the unique ability to connect people to people, and people to places. Creating spaces that people and communities care about and appreciate is a first step in producing a meaningful urban environment. At Perkins+Will, we as designers are constantly forming and testing ideas about how design can improve the lives of those in our communities. A fundamental step in the ongoing development of a humanist architecture is taking the time for reflection on what makes an architectural project successful. How do these spaces actually perform? What can we learn from those who occupy these spaces on a daily basis?

This research project focuses on three Canada Line stations designed by Perkins+Will, and operational since 2009, to examine successes and lessons that can be carried forward on future design projects. The study includes an evaluation of a range of factors including the passenger experience, operations and maintenance, integration into the urban realm, environmental impact, and economic impact. A series of observational site visits, interviews with project stakeholders, and background research form the basis of the findings outlined in the study.

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