Campuses + Urban Institutions

Campus and institutional planning at Perkins+Will is founded on the idea that a great campus enriches the entire community. We love working with institutional clients to take the long view, marshal big ideas and apply cutting-edge innovation to a physical plan that weaves urban campuses into the community fabric over time. We design a process to meet program needs in a way that enhances community ties. As the needs of modern institutions change, including healthcare, higher education, and research facilities, our team of designers is at the cutting edge of campus design.

Each Perkins+Will campus plan comprehensively integrates the multiple dimensions of an institution and its surrounding context, from its unique culture to its strategic vision for its physical assets, operational needs, and changing pedagogies and technologies. Through careful analysis and informed selection, we match academic, research, clinical, and support needs with physical facilities and places. These changes reverberate far beyond immediate campus boundaries—our campus strategies allow institutions to act as stewards of their legacy and catalysts for change in their local and regional communities.

Perkins+Will contributes significantly to shaping an emerging model for campus planning of all kinds. As we reveal opportunities to make each site more welcoming to staff, students, visitors and patients, we create space for collaboration and the serendipity of exchange, transforming facilities into truly memorable places.