Transformative District Plans

Our work in district planning reenergizes communities by crafting engaging spaces, dynamic neighborhoods, moments of discovery, innovative infrastructure, and economic vitality.

We are lovers of cities and relish the chance to reweave the tapestry of an urban district. By drawing on the natural setting, the history of events, and personal experiences, we bring a new vision for positive change along with a concrete plan for how to achieve it. For many signature districts, we accompany our planning with guidance for 10-20 years of development. Planning for infrastructure to transform districts we interweave new open space corridors, bring a seasoned approach to development potentials, and envision places that enable the exchange of ideas, commerce and transportation modes.

Our remarkable and diverse portfolio of work is a testament to our leadership in district planning. Urban districts exist at the intersection of many different interests, and we find our comfort zone in these type of public/private partnerships. We are ready to grapple with changeable markets and the rigors of economic viability, as we enhance the public realm to guide and stimulate the best in civic and private development.