Urban Regeneration

Urban regeneration and renewal is essential to the life and future of all cities. Whether it is a single urban lot or an entire military base, each regeneration project plays a part in the continuous incremental evolution that defines great cities. Our team provides the visions and physical solutions that allow our clients to guide these forces of change in the creation of exceptional urban places.

Our approach is an interdisciplinary one, drawing on the abundant resources of our own firm and selecting the best partners to craft solutions to multifaceted problems. We work hand-in-hand with clients and communities to provide the visions and plans that can catalyze urban transformations, always mindful of the details that make these visions implementable.

Working at scales that range from the fine-grain of individual building sites, to streetscapes, neighborhoods, districts and entire metropolitan areas, our designs are grounded in decades of scholarship, innovation, and work in cities around the world. We understand how private development can be optimized and how it can shape and enhance the public realm. And we understand how the public realm in turn can engage, guide and stimulate development in the private sphere. As we tackle the difficult problems of urban growth, we work closely with communities to build consensus and support, and guide the implementation process to ensure the vision of the client and community is fully realized.