Across the country and around the world waterfronts are being rethought, revitalized, and reborn. Perkins+Will is playing a leading role in creating and realizing these new and renewed areas—from master plans and design guidelines for waterfront districts, to repurposing landmark pier buildings, to designing new mixed-use development, parks and recreation areas that celebrate the water’s edge.

In major cities around the world, from New York and Vancouver to Dalian and Abu Dhabi, we have helped transform former industrial and brownfield sites into places for recreation, entertainment, working, and living, bringing the diversity of the city right to the water’s edge. We have guided public policies and private investments with both bold visions and rigorous guidelines. Because we recognize the importance of working waterfronts and the continued industrial and commercial use of our waterways, many of our plans integrate these uses into the urban fabric in a harmonious way, maintaining the excitement, activity and economic lifeblood of working waterfronts.

Major waterfront projects demand more than a talent for design; they require great expertise in the entitlements process, and experience with public/private partnerships. We recognize the diverse stakeholders that waterfront projects bring and are adept at creating a collaborative community process that builds consensus and support. A city’s waterfront, when designed with care and perception, can be its communal meeting place, a center for arts and entertainment, and a focal point for celebration and inspiration.