Academic Research

Academic institutions are creating educational cultures that are increasingly multi-dimensional, social and experiential. New learning spaces must support this fluid environment where pedagogy, technology, and new ideas are continually evolving and blurring traditional boundaries. Perkins+Will designs spaces that catalyze and support collaboration while integrating social and intellectual endeavors and anticipating the impact of future technologies. Our buildings are active participants in the science learning experience—spatially dynamic and engaging, uplifting and surprising, fostering a collaborative spirit among students and faculty, while allowing for changing needs over time.

Drawing from our expertise in both Science + Technology and Higher Education, Perkins+Will provides a synthesis between teaching and research that makes us uniquely qualified in the design of Academic Science facilities. Perkins+Will’s academic science experience includes the programming, planning and design of innovative teaching and research facilities for over 150 college and university clients in the last ten years both nationally and abroad. We design the high-performance, technologically-advanced research facilities in which tomorrow’s finest scientists make strides toward ground-breaking discovery.