The simple common pleasure of water and play is an early experience that people of all ages and cultures treasure. The design of today's aquatic center has evolved to celebrate this activity and make it comfortable and memorable. The dark cloistered room with the 25-meter pool has been replaced with an engaging, transparent and inspirational space. It has become a civic place where people meet, socialize and engage with their friends, neighbors or fellow swimmers.

For Perkins+Will, designing the aquatic center is a special creative opportunity that is unique for every situation. We recognize that the key to a successful center begins with a solid understanding of the vision of the stakeholders, concerns of the staff and culture of the community. We believe the design should clearly reflect the client's aquatic program objectives by responding to the needs for competition, recreation, instruction and therapy. Our dedication to collaborative planning with our clients ensures we will find the balance that reflects these interests.

We offer the expertise that can shape an aquatic program into a facility that seamlessly integrates complex mechanical systems and is constructed to withstand the unique environmental and user conditions. To that end, the team at Perkins+Will is continually researching new trends, sustainable approaches and building materials. Aquatic design is our passion and we continually create remarkable architecture that supports the program and allows all to have an exciting aquatic experience.