Corporate Research

Laboratory design is more important than ever. High-quality facilities--those that best serve researchers' needs, both functionally and aesthetically--correlate with high-quality research. Perkins+Will designs research environments that are conducive to concentrated individual or group efforts while providing adaptability for growth and technological changes. Our designs grow from a close collaboration between our clients and the design team to explore options for space requirements, points of access and internal circulation patterns, and the advanced engineering systems required to accommodate the research programs. The technical demands of today’s science environments require the highest standards of design and expertise.

We have designed research laboratories for nearly 100 corporate clients in the past ten years, including leading companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as independent research institutes. With a staff of leading lab experts and in-house scientists, we are able to connect with researchers and other technical users. We speak their language and work to establish trust and consensus. We have developed streamlined tools that address lease duration, chemical quantities, growth projections, adaptability quotients, and factors critical to assessing commercial space relative to lab suitability. In addition to best-in-class visioning, interviewing, and analysis techniques, we apply Value Stream Mapping to support improvement in the efficiency of real estate and operations, helping our clients reduce square footage and time-to-market.