Planning + Strategies

The competitive global economy, increasingly connected world and shifting educational landscape continue to shape the world today. These seminal shifts present unprecedented opportunities to plan, design and create a better future. And, we firmly believe that the thoughtful and collaborative planning of educational environments is the ultimate opportunity to address these changes. It allows us to carefully plan and design environments that optimize the learning and development of our greatest resource, our children.

Our experience has shown that one of the most sustainable investments a school community can make is to create a plan that carefully considers both its legacy and goals for the future. Our Planning+Strategies team, composed of educational architects with over 25-years of experience each, works closely with our clients to find the best solution for each project. At the core of our work is an engaging and dynamic planning process designed to honor our core principles of listening, collaboration and visioning. Through our collaborative process with community members and planners we will investigate, envision, and innovate a clear path forward.