Health District Planning

In the future, medical districts will be more than destinations for healthcare. They will be Health Districts—healthy places to heal, work, and live where new ideas on improving healthcare and population health can be developed, tested, and disseminated.
Perkins+Will is pioneering the district approach by connecting community and hospital, public health and healthcare, and urban design and medical planning. We work closely with our clients to identify strategies, projects, and partnerships that address the unique health challenges faced by each community and deliver socio-economic benefits.

Health District Planning prepares our healthcare clients for the new healthcare economy, where the investment will be shifting from “brick-and-mortar” facilities to shared community settings where disease can be maintained or prevented at lower costs. The plans can be conducted at a high-level to define vision and strategy, or at a detailed level to develop individual projects or implementation and tracking tools.

Our approach to health district planning is multi-disciplinary and multi-scale. Each project is uniquely supported by 3D modeling, GIS mapping and database tools that help stakeholders prioritize health-supporting projects and track progress at the relevant scales:
Building scale: Sustainable healthcare facilities with active design and healthy materials.
Campus scale: Healthcare facilities that are walkable, accessible, and physically integrated into the urban fabric of surrounding communities.
District scale: A mixed-use district that is anchored by a healthcare facility that provides amenities and services that support quality of life such as housing options, access to transit, access to active recreation etc, and is supported by resilient infrastructure
City scale: Guiding, prioritizing, and organizing the healthcare provider’s collaborations with other providers, government entities and community organizations to improve health of the community
Regional scale: Identifying opportunities for contributing to the health of the local and regional economy through growth, partnerships and new investment

Health District Planning is a significant component of Perkins+Will’s mission to enhance the health and wellness of communities through design.