Research Parks + Districts

Since their beginnings in the 1950s, research parks have provided the opportunity to spur economic development, boost technological transfer, and foster innovation and competitiveness. Research parks enable the formation of symbiotic relationships that speed and enhance project development. They also create new jobs, new industries and new solutions.

We appreciate both the interconnectivity of science and the power of collaboration. The environment in which we conduct research is changing, and it is important that planning efforts for these places consider many new and emerging issues. Today’s districts must be structured to support interdisciplinary research and development on a world class level, as the focus upon collaboration, entrepreneurship and innovation becomes more essential to their success.

At Perkins+Will, our approach is as partners in facilitating unimaginable advances. What inventions, ideas, art installations, start-ups, and stories will emerge? What new symbiosis will drive someone’s dream project? We provide a deep background of planning leading-edge research communities as well as the world-class research facilities within these communities. We create a framework that reinforces the basic ideas of innovation while developing the elements critical in creating a vibrant, interactive environment in which researchers from around the world can come and join the rich and productive community.