Schools of Nursing

With the recent reforms in healthcare giving millions of people access to the healthcare system and registered nurses still being at the top of the list when it comes to employment growth, the need for well-trained nurses who can transition from higher education to real life practice with a minimal learning curve is imperative. Nursing represents the largest segment of the nation’s healthcare workforce with over three million members, and will continue to grow.

Perkins+Will creates thoughtfully designed facilities, paired with the latest simulation technologies, that can help produce nurses who are contributing to the full extent of their capabilities and are prepared to enter professional practice, thus aiding in the positive transformation of the health care system. These facilities allow for student-centered, experiential learning: Simulation suites that re-create patient centered clinical environments with a confidential and personal experience, including high-fidelity rooms, standardized patients and multi-bed skills labs; Flexible and adaptable classrooms, team rooms and laboratories for project-based, interdisciplinary and inter-professional learning; and Academic Commons spaces—circulation, gathering places, stairs and lounges—that encourage interaction and collaboration.