Student Unions

A great student life building is a unique symbol of the values, aspirations, culture, history, and traditions of the university, both in philosophy and in form. Creating a lasting beacon of institutional values can be an important tool in student recruitment and retention, a bricks-and-mortar representation of how an institution treats and regards its students. The best and most active student life facilities offer a window, both figuratively and literally, into the range of services, programs, accomplishments, and activities available campus wide.

The architecture of the college union should be as open and engaging as the individuals who give the building life. Daylight, transparency, openness, clarity, flexibility, and campus connections are key elements in creating the 21st-century union. Careful composition of these elements into a unique symbol of the institution’s values creates much more than just another building on campus; it establishes a hub of campus life that will anchor the education of students for generations to come.

When the right mix of programs, at the right location, comes together in a signature building symbolizing the culture, tradition, and aspirations of the University, the resulting college union can be almost magical in the way it transforms the campus life experience.