Airport City Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Project Info
Airport City Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Grand Airport (iGA)


2600 acres / 1052 Hectares

Airport City, like the city of Istanbul before it, is destined to become a true global crossroad.
The Istanbul New Airport is planned and designed to be the busiest in the world, surpassing 90 million passengers in Terminal 1 alone. As Istanbul continues grow and globalize and Turkey plays greater role on the international stage, Airport City Istanbul will be the country’s porthole to the world, with the potential to become an economic and cultural destination in its own right. As the terminus of the national high-speed rail network and metro lines to central Istanbul, Airport City will be the mobility nerve center of the nation. Hotels, shopping, offices and cultural amenities will serve this nerve center, activating this new global hub.
The design of Airport City is intended to provide a taste of modern Turkey with fresh global architecture and offerings that are grounded in a Turkish sense of place and hospitality. Stretching the distance from Terminal 1 to the New Airport’s eastern boundary, Airport City is a vast landscape that serves as a key transition from airport to forest and city to village. As the first phase of development located in front of Terminal 1, the Airport City Core Zone design concept emerged from the geometric language of the master plan with the goal to create a human scaled, experiential jewel box of urbanism. The urban fabric of the Core Zone is structured to provide a rhythmic journey from the terminal through the car park plaza into Airport City and ultimately through the forest into the urban core of Istanbul.