Blatchford Redevelopment

City of Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Project Info
Blatchford Redevelopment
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Completion Date: 2012 (Master Plan)
Square Footage: 600 acres

2014, RAIC National Urban Design Awards
2014, Globe Awards - Excellence in Urban Sustainability
2014, Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) Brownie Award, Finalist
2011, WAN (World Architecture News) Urban Design Awards, Long List
2011, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Urban Design Awards, Implemented Design Master Plan, Award of Merit

Blatchford Redevelopment, formerly known as the Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands, is envisioned to be a world leading sustainable community that celebrates nature and history while generating greater unity across the city. Our masterplan creates a new kind of community that draws deeply from its unique attributes and spirit. Providing housing for approximately 30,000 residents and creating an estimated 10,000 new jobs, the masterplan ensures economic vitality and sustainability by extending the energy of four vibrant growth catalysts into the site including the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s research and innovation; Kingsway Mall's commercial vitality; the busy life of the new rehabilitation hospital and the development spark of a new LRT line.

Engineering design for the development takes an innovative approach to infrastructure, delivering resilient carbon neutral energy as well as promoting water and waste reduction. Carbon emissions from the community will reduce by 3.2 million tonnes over 20 years while energy produced through biomass and deep geothermal sources will create enough electricity to fully meet the needs of the development. Surplus energy will be sold to public buildings within the greater City of Edmonton resulting in a 'beyond carbon neutral' scenario.

The plan creates a large destination park that acts as a regional draw and neighbourhood-scaled community gathering space that knits now disparate communities and land uses together.

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