Campus International School

Cleveland Municipal School District and Cleveland State University

Cleveland, Ohio

Project Info
Campus International School
Cleveland, Ohio

Completion Date: 2017
Size: 93,000 SF

Campus International School (CIS) follows the International Baccalaureate program within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, serving 720 K-8 students. In a unique partnership with Cleveland State University (CSU), college students from the CSU education department work directly with teachers and students at CIS. This project was designed in association with ThenDesign Architecture.

The building’s exterior is primarily a modular metal panel system with some brick and curtain wall at specialty areas. The classrooms face north and south to maximize controllable daylighting, boosting wellness among students and staff and decreasing operating costs.

The tight, 1.75-acre urban site is located on the CSU campus to support professional development initiatives through the university. To increase the amount of both outdoor learning areas and parking, the 93,000 square foot building stacks up efficiently on four levels, surrounding a central, naturally daylit atrium. Gathering the entire student body at least once a week is essential to the program, and the large atrium space and adjacent cafeteria are used for this purpose. Ultimately the design team added 5,500 net square feet of project and collaboration space that did not previously exist.

The mission of CIS is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, lifelong learners. The building is designed to advance that mission by providing shared project areas outside of each classroom and visual connectivity to all four levels from these shared areas. Small group spaces and distributed administration areas on each classroom level allow groups of varying sizes to gather and work together, mirroring the collaborative world they will enter post-graduation. Shared spaces such as music and a multipurpose room are primarily located on level one, with only the gymnasium on the third level for structural efficiency. Specialized art and science classrooms are provided for the Middle Years Program (grades 6-8) on the upper level. Media center spaces are distributed throughout the building, expanding students’ access to library resources.

Together, these forward-thinking design solutions leverage support from CSU: a faculty advisor, student teachers, and access to university resources. Since the school’s opening in August 2017, CIS’s diverse community of learners is nurtured daily in this flexible, 21st century building.