Vancouver, British Columbia

Project Info
Vancouver, British Columbia
Completion Date: April 2015
Square Footage: 22,855
LEED Canada CI Gold Certified
WELL Gold registered

The new CBRE office is designed to portray world class sophistication while optimizing existing workplace culture.
The ideals of strength, size and sophistication were the main design drivers for CBRE’s new office location as the client wishes to be portrayed as a ‘world class’ organization within their local market. Classic and masculine finishes were chosen through this lens of sophistication.
Changing from an existing large single floor layout to a multi-level office spread over 4 adjoining floors, CBRE’s greatest concern was the potential negative affect this change could have on workplace culture. To address this concern and to maximize vertical movement, a central interconnecting stair with 2 generous landings on which spontaneous collaboration could happen became the most important design feature. Encased in floor-to-ceiling black glass, the stair makes a strong visual statement while also providing a degree of privacy from the surrounding workstations.
A culture of mentorship and open collaboration is inherent within CBRE, however there is also an inherent competitiveness between teams for their sales goals. Therefore the workplace environment needs to strike a balance between open-plan seating, and easily accessed spaces for confidential meetings and ‘seal-the-deal’ conversations. Neighbourhood ‘pods’ which consisted of huddle rooms and telephone rooms were introduced into the open seating plan to serve this purpose. The conventional open-plan benching was adapted to a hybrid benching system with full sit-stand capabilities.
Destination planning played a key role in making the office a “buzzy” space. Key functional areas were deliberately separated and stacked across the different levels to ensure that movement is integral to experiencing the workplace.
A variety of small to medium-sized meeting rooms surround the reception area ensuring that this area is activated all day as a destination for both employees and clients. Switchable electronic glass on the room fronts provide occupants with privacy when desired. When deactivated, the glass reveals the spectacular views across Vancouver Harbour, which significantly adds to the space’s desirability.
On an upper level, these breathtaking panoramic views are reserved for the employee café. This café represents the cultural heart of CBRE as the daily gathering place for their multidisciplinary employees. By positioning the executive boardroom adjacent to this café, visiting clients can experience the buzzing café and see for themselves the CBRE collaborative culture in action.

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