Cedar Ridge High School

Round Rock, Texas

Project Info
Cedar Ridge High School
Round Rock, Texas
Completion date: July 2010
Square footage: 375,000
LEED certification

Design Citation
Dallas AIA Awards, 2010

Award of Excellence
Texas Construction annual awards, 2010

Architectural Record's Schools of the 21st Century, 2011

Cedar Ridge High School, which serves nearly 3,000 students in a rapidly growing suburb of Austin, Texas, is divided into four distinct career academies: International Business and Economics; Professional Studies; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; and Visual and Performing Arts. The 375,000 square foot campus is organized around these communities, with four independent small-learning clusters connected to a multi-access core. Covered walkways punctuate the secure courtyard and provide sheltered connections between buildings as well as opportunities for outdoor learning.

The facility’s planning creates project-based learning zones, and faculty and administrator offices are clustered throughout to enhance the collaborative model. Study resources are likewise distributed, supplementing the centralized library with distinct media centers for each educational career strand.

The result of this planning is a campus that feels intimate rather than sprawling, accessible rather than distant, and aspirational rather than traditional.

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