Diplomatic Quarter Hotel

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Info
Diplomatic Quarter Hotel
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Project size: 430,500 SF
Number of Rooms: 425

The Diplomatic Quarter Hotel is set in an organic undulating building that encapsulates the rich heritage of the region, site location and culture.

The design's modern expression, overall planning and geological language is directly tied to the layout of the city of Riyadh. Exactly as the city is nourished by the Wadi, the development’s heart is akin to a natural oasis landscape. The design takes cues for a variety of local influences, from environment to culture to materials. The project is structured in the geological languages of the region. It is planned in a manner ties it to the layout of the city of Riyadh.

Just as the city is nourished by the Wadi, the heart of the development is structured like an oasis to evoke the natural landscape. The exterior is composed of layered starta that reflect the geology of the region and cue traditional methods while offering opportunities for solar control and privacy. These “ribbons” of shifting hues evoke the local landscape in a palette of stucco, timber and stainless steel.

The two elements create a micro-climate of shaded space that gives guests the ability to enjoy outdoor dining and recreational activities.

The interior design takes advantage of the light and layered exterior by creating internal spaces that take advantage of the light reflected from the banded facade. The interior spaces maximized natural light using filtered sunlight and create open, grand spaces. The interior design derives its inspiration from the local environment as well. Each space draws from an environmental or geological motif.

A guest’s journey through each space is structured as a journey through the local landscape. The reception acts a welcoming oasis and helps orient guests through the harmonious use of natural elements. From there individuals move through the cor-ridor. Like the winding wadis of the region guests follow a path to their room that evokes the carved can-yons of the local landscape through textures and pools of mosaic jewels. A guest’s journey culminates in their arrival to their suite. The luxurious and understated bedrooms with ac-cents of semi-precious stones recall the caverns that dot the region. Just as hermits, prophets, philosophers sought these places for solitude, reflection and enlightenment. These rooms offer guests a private, personal space to rest and reflect.

There are also two additional spaces: the coffee lounge and business hub. The coffee lounge uses tone on tone and a desert rose motif to capture the beauty of nature’s art in the coffee lounge experience. The business hub provides a professional meeting space with state of the art A/V and TP tech-nologies to facilitate guest needs.