Kaiser Permanente Small Hospital Big Idea Competition

Project Info
Kaiser Permanente Small Hospital Big Idea Competition
Competition Date: 2012
Square Footage: 250,000

The Perkins+Will / M+NLB team won a competition organized by Kaiser Permanente that aims to create a prototype hospital of approximately 100 beds that KP can deploy in regions of Southern California where Kaiser member populations are too low to justify deployment of Kaiser’s current 200- and 300-bed hospital templates.

The small hospital is an incubator for a new health care business model focusing on “wellness” and “health management” where consumers and members can access an expanded range of health services. The proposed design offers a “kit of parts” of hospital components—inpatient bed unit, diagnostic and treatment floors, member services center including a Wellness Center and outpatient clinics. The components of the small hospital prototype can adapt to accommodate numerous site constraints. The Small Hospital simplifies and rethinks the hospital to encourage flexibility and adaptability. Beyond carbon neutral (net zero energy) it improves the environmental conditions for a healthy community. The Small Hospital accommodates of a range of services from wellness to critical care that reconceives the hospital from a place of sickness to a place of health promotion for patients and staff.

The Small Hospital celebrates new community partnerships—transforming from a single use land development to an integrated, multi-use setting. Partnerships increase the social and cultural exchanges on the site, seeding new economic growth opportunities within the larger community. In essence, the Small Hospital is the new civic architecture.