Louisiana State University, Patrick F. Taylor Hall

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Project Info
Louisiana State University, Patrick F. Taylor Hall
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Completion dates:
Phase 1 - June 2016
Phase 2 - November 2017

Project size:
128,000 sf - new
310,000 sf - renovation

Patrick F. Taylor Hall provides a new home for all of LSU’s future engineers, and celebrates the many accomplishments of various engineering departments. Large capstone labs and integrated fabrication shops support interdisciplinary student design teams for engineering competitions and senior projects.

The newly constructed addition adds approximately 110,000 square feet of classrooms, student support areas, engineering wet labs, research labs, and a 200-seat auditorium. The expansion provides a new home for the prominent department of Chemical Engineering and related research labs for Petroleum and Civil Engineering. A continuous 3-story atrium allows students and guests to observe many of the teaching and research spaces, enhancing LSU STEM outreach and providing a location for activities. Our design focuses on collaborative spaces throughout the facility and provides common-access group study spaces, and an enhanced and more prominent Engineering Student Academic Support Center.

The existing, 310,00 GSF Patrick Taylor Hall has been completely renovated, organizing active learning spaces, lecture halls, student manufacturing and capstone project spaces, a 24-hour engineering student commons, and undergraduate teaching laboratories under one roof.

A substantial portion of the funding for the construction was provided by Louisiana-based energy sector and chemical companies. These companies have also engaged the college and design team by providing specialty laboratories and innovative learning environments, which explore sustainability and energy performance in the built environment and 3D immersive geotechnical imaging.

When complete, Patrick Taylor Hall will be the largest academic building on the LSU campus and one of the largest engineering buildings in the United States.