Nexen Housing Module Prototype

Nexen CNOOC Ltd.

Dilly Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Project Info
Nexen Housing Module Prototype
Dilly Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Completion Date: 2015
Project size: 312 square feet

Perkins+Will developed a prefabricated housing module prototype for Nexen’s Dilly Creek Remote Workforce Accommodation—a new facility proposed for industrial workers in Northeast BC.

An innovation in prefabricated modular wood construction, the 321 square foot cross-laminated timber (CLT) module is designed to be highly energy efficient, durable, and constructed with minimal waste—offering advancements in both prefabrication and livability.

The prefabricated modular solution addresses construction challenges, such as high labour costs and a short construction season, that are inherent in the site’s remote location and harsh weather conditions. The modules are constructed off-site in a controlled environment, ensuring high quality while reducing labour inputs.

With livability in mind, the module improves upon the aesthetic, materials, acoustics, and thermal performance of Nexen’s current conventional housing camps, and uses Passive House principles to achieve a robust building envelope.

All finishes and the majority of systems were integrated in the factory to allow for rapid stacking assembly onsite. Each module was designed to be self-contained to mitigate sound transmission, increase fire resistance, and allow space between units for services. The modules fit on a truck bed for ease of transport and include sufficient living space, storage, and a private washroom.

The proposed module will have a 50 year life span and require minimal maintenance, as opposed to the predominant approach that requires replacement every ten to fifteen years.

Nexen commissioned a prototype of the module to test the process of using CLT within a factory setting, confirm durability for transport, and ensure an efficient project delivery. The prototype has since been supplied to the University of British Columbia for wood research.

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