Puerto Rico Capital District

Master Plan

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Info
Puerto Rico Capital District
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Size: 32 hectares

Award of Excellence, 2012.
Georgia ASLA

Honor Award, Urban Planning + Design, 2012
AIA Georgia

The Master Plan will guide the transformation of the Puerto Rico Capitol District into a mixed-use government district with a successful tourism component. Like the 1901 McMillan Plan that created the National Mall, the Vision Plan will ensure that the historic Capitolio and its District will be a popular destination and a source of pride for generations of Puerto Ricans to come.

This plan reorganizes the public realm along the two main axes of the Capitolio building. A new pedestrian mall, which extends from the Capitolio steps to the San Juan Bay creates much-needed open space for formal and informal gatherings. The Paseo de Covadonga, a parallel street below Ponce de Léon Avenue, is returned to its original function of a Paseo, or a pedestrian promenade, to strengthen the east-west axis within the District.

The Vision Plan and Design Standards will establish a cohesive, connected district that optimizes land resources and historic assets while linking the District to other major initiatives in San Juan.