Shaw Contract Group Showroom

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Info
Shaw Contract Group Showroom
Atlanta, Georgia
Completion Date: November 2014
Square Footage: 6,500
LEED Certified

Golden A’ Design Award in Interior Space and Exhibition Design, 2016
A’Design Award and Competition

Gold Design Award, Retail, 2015
ASID Georgia

Design Award for Retail Tenant Fit-Out, 2015
IDA Georgia, b.o.b. (Best of the Best)

Shaw Contract Group, a world-leading brand of commercial carpet, is known for providing design leadership and innovative flooring. This showroom focuses on creating a customer experience consistent with the company’s brand, utilizing the most efficient use of the showroom and workspace. Shaw's showroom serves as a merchandising backdrop for their products, as well as a space to host product knowledge presentations and events for professionals, industry partner meetings and sales meetings.

The design is based on the experience of awakening your senses. Sculptural design features includes a staircase, called “sense of possibilities,” which is modeled after a carpet loom and creates a platform for viewing products. The complex and visually stimulating curves mimic yarn moving through carpet production. A fiber installation, called “sense of sight,” celebrates the vibrant colors that the client’s products offer and encourages designers to “color outside the lines.” The project houses an open-concept work area with technology incorporated into the architecture.