Sprout Space


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Sprout Space
Winner - "Relocatable Classroom" Division, 2009
Open Architecture Challenge - International design competition

Sprout Space™ is a healthy, sustainable, and flexible modular classroom. Designed by our education design experts, it is fast to deploy and is completely customizable as either a permanent or temporary classroom. While designing the space, the team made a conscious effort to select healthy building materials, provide ample amounts of daylight to the interior of the space, and increase ventilation.

Numerous design features such as sun shades, integrated rainwater collection, photovoltaic roof panels, LED lighting coupled with lighting controls, efficient heating and cooling systems, and eco-friendly materials make Sprout Space an excellent example of passive and active green building strategies. These strategies help it operate as a net-zero energy building with the eventual goal to provide an energy-independent classroom.

Created with 21st century students and teaching in mind, Sprout Space’s design is extremely adaptable. It allows for various teaching styles, classroom arrangements, impromptu collaboration, and outdoor learning. The building construction is also flexible, allowing up to 1,500 total square feet (139 square meter) of space.

Multiple buildings can also be linked together to create an entire school. Sprout Space classrooms are built in a factory and delivered directly to the site. Constructing the building in a controlled environment provides numerous advantages over on-site construction. Some of these advantages include reduced cost, reduced construction time, decreased disruption, less construction waste, a longer building life-cycle, and the elimination of mold growth during construction.

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