Sunset Boulevard Urban Design Plan

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Project Info
Sunset Boulevard Urban Design Plan
Los Angeles, California
Completion: 2010
Size: Approximately 50 block area

Los Angeles’s image as an outwardly growing city has significantly changed in the last decade. The City has been looking within to see where new infill development might better use transportation and land resources that enables a sustainable lifestyle and city. Our team has been partnering all along with city agencies to promote such a livable, healthy city.

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles engaged us on an urban design plan for Sunset Boulevard and Civic Center in the Hollywood Redevelopment Project Area. Hollywood, the famed center of the motion picture industry, has been rapidly transforming from an outlying residential community into a dense urban center. Sunset Boulevard is a key commercial spine running through Hollywood, with a rich mix of low- and high-rise buildings, classic and contemporary buildings, and an eclectic mix of uses.

The proposed urban design plan envisions significantly increased density around transit nodes and along the key commercial corridors, while promoting context-sensitive, sustainable planning that enhances the public realm and the open space, promotes preservation of the surrounding neighborhoods and helps establish their identity, thus embodying the community's vision for the area. Our plan provides clear guidelines and development standards for developers, landowners and the city to guide and promote the future development of the commercial corridor and the Hollywood Civic Center.

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