Bridgewater State University, George A. Weygand Hall

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Project Info
Bridgewater State University, George A. Weygand Hall
Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Completion: 2013
Square Footage: 160,000 new
LEED: Gold

Weygand Hall houses a Living/Learning Community and a newly integrated Health and Counseling Center. Located on East Campus, the hub of residential life, the 160,000 square foot (12,864 square meter) building has 500 beds organized in two distinct yet connected wings: the South Wing houses traditional suites, organized along a double-loaded corridor, while in the North Wing, the suites are organized within a single-loaded corridor and around living/learning pods overlooking the central courtyard. The living/learning pods cantilever out and into the inviting outdoor space, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior.

Living/learning communities are on display at the 500-bed Weygand Hall. From the project’s beginning, the client’s goal was to create a visible model of collaboration. The first step was to test a single-loaded corridor in order to provide transparency. To support the living/learning communities, the program includes a classroom, a community outreach space, a variety of study spaces and lounges, and a game room. The program also includes four-bed and six-bed suites. A comprehensive but discrete Wellness Center is on the ground level of the building.

The building incorporates many sustainable strategies, one of which may come as a surprise to new students: the classic micro-fridge and the personal microwave, omnipresent in student residences the world over, are no longer found in students’ rooms. In their place, shared refrigerators and microwaves are located in public areas on each floor of the building. This is just one recommendation adopted from a Zero-Net-Energy Building (ZNEB) Pilot Study performed at the start of the project—a collaborative effort to create a sustainable, low-impact project with input from both school officials and students.

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