Chi Lee

Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Austin

Originally from Taiwan, Chi Lee grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and knew, since high school, that he wanted to be an architect.  His passion for creating things only grew when he moved to New York City and developed a keen understanding of technology workplace interiors.

Chi is a trusted advisor, a steward, and a friend to his clients in Austin. As such, he prides himself on mentorship, hoping to cultivate a team of passionate designers equally as dedicated to the city of Austin as he is.

Chi loves to cook, especially Italian food, and is especially proud of his pappardelle bolognese. An avid golfer, since he moved to Austin 15 years ago, Chi hits the links whenever he can, and hopes to keep playing for at least another thirty years. He enjoys volunteering with Meals on Wheels and spending time with his 14 year old daughter, an active basketball player.

Chi can wiggle his ears.

Another of Chi’s special talents is flipping a pen between his fingers, which he can do on both hands.

“I am passionate about helping shape the community’s future by influencing people through the work that I do.”

Chi's Featured Work

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Austin, Texas