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Ron Stelmarski: Connecting People and Places

Our Designer Spotlight Series highlights some of our top talent from around the world, diving into our team’s creative philosophies and design ethos. This month, we talk to design director and principal of our Dallas studio, Ron Stelmarski. He discusses his modes of creative expression, from photography and cinema, to his personal sketchbooks, and how he finds the soul of each site.

Our hearts are heavy. Again.

Last week, we watched in horror as heightened anti-Asian racism around the world culminated in a murder spree targeting women of Asian descent in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a stark reminder of the hatred and xenophobia that has plagued our communities for decades—and of the pain and fear felt by our Asian colleagues, clients, friends, and family every single day. On the heels of a racially turbulent 2020, it also brought to the fore, yet again, the harrowing truth about racism: It is real, and it is deadly.

We know words alone won’t change the world. But we also know words matter—especially in hurtful moments.

Read our pledge of support for the Asian community here.

We’ve always believed that the right tools can improve our design outcomes—and the last year has only strengthened that ethos. When we pivoted overnight from in-person to virtual engagement, our Digital Practice team equipped us with tools and tech to help us stay connected to clients in a rapidly shifting business climate.
Shenzen Waste to Energy Plant
Shenzen Waste to Energy Plant
Shenzen, China
Great Design Despite the Odds

The COVID-19 pandemic ground the world to a halt in 2020. Here are a few extraordinary projects that kept going.

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Every Successful Innovation Community is a Hub of Activity

We know how to design a booming innovation ecosystem. Hear from several of our Higher Education, Urban Design, and Science and Technology leaders about what it means to effectively design for innovation communities.

COVID Insights

As the pandemic continues to shape the future of our built environments, we’re exploring how design can respond to these changes. From the future of workplace, to creating safer schools, our colleagues across the firm are sharing their insights and potential design solutions.

As designers, we have an important responsibility to enhance people's lives.
Destination Crenshaw
Los Angeles, California
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