Ningbo New Library
Ningbo New Library
Ningbo New Library, Ningbo China
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COVID Insights

As the pandemic continues to shape the future of our built environments, we’re exploring how design can respond to these changes. From the future of workplace, to creating safer schools, our colleagues across the firm are sharing their insights and potential design solutions.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Atlanta, Georgia
Back to Museums, Back to Our Roots

Zena Howard, Managing Director of our North Carolina studios and Cultural Practice Leader, considers the return to these cherished institutions and the important services they provide in education, community engagement, and immersive storytelling.

As designers, we have an important responsibility to enhance people's lives.
Road Map for Return: Guidance for a Return to the Office During COVID-19

Meeting clients’ and partners’ need for comprehensive guidance on returning to work, our Workplace Strategy Experts have created a Road Map for Return. This guide covers the near-term transition back to the workplace—from employee readiness to distance analysis, to new protocols to consider as we look forward.

Nixon Peabody Washington, D.C. Office
Washington, D.C.
Combating Racism: Our Pledge to the Black Design Community
Destination Crenshaw
Los Angeles, California
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