Michael Stevenson

Urban Design, North Carolina

Michael began his professional career designing in Berlin. For him, the city was a laboratory, not only of twentieth-century architecture, but also urbanism. Michael’s early experiences fostered an intense and lifelong focus on cities, exploring how urban design can serve as a catalyst for innovation, prosperity, and health.

Michael approaches architecture on an experiential level, seeking ways to extend architecture into urban design. By addressing critical themes of equity, culture, housing affordability, and transit, he creates positive impacts for a broad range of people in our communities.

An active civic volunteer in urban and transit development, Michael lives in Raleigh with his wife Kim (also an architect), their college-aged son Ross, creative daughter Rae, and Moyen poodle Daisy. The family enjoys spending time on the coast in historic Beaufort.

Eastern Market responds to Detroit’s resurgence as a desirable urban destination for businesses, residents, and visitors. The project will provide housing, working, and shopping choices for the new generation of urban entrepreneurs.
“Architecture and urbanism shape people's daily lives more than they think and it’s our responsibility as architects to design environments that not only meet people’s functional needs, but also satisfy aspirational and aesthetic needs. It’s just part of being human.”
Michael integrates master planning and architecture, emphasizing public space as a fundamental element of architectural design.

Michael 's Featured Work

Eastern Market
Detroit, Michigan
Greenville Town Common, Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza