Mark Rhein

Associate Principal, Los Angeles

Having studied architecture in college, Mark knew there was something to the design process he loved. However, shortly after graduating, his career took an unexpected turn. He became a training manager and quickly realized he had a knack for teaching and advising.

Mark serves as our firm’s Director of Learning and Development, overseeing the growth of current and future leaders and providing them with the tools and resources needed to excel. Every individual requires a unique track to achieve their goals, and Mark likes to incorporate his design training into developing a suggested path. “From an infinite solution set, the clues I pick up from their challenges, needs, and goals allow me to put together the best package of solutions. So, there’s absolutely design thinking that goes into it.”

In addition to helping our leaders grow, Mark looks at our company from a wider lens: how we weave our culture and philosophies into how we interact with one another both internally and externally.

“One of the best lessons for diversity is getting out of your own country. It forces you to look at things from a unique lens, and perspective. And that’s what innovation is, trying to mesh and find solutions that meet many different needs.”