Sarah Stanford

Corporate Interiors, Vancouver

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Sarah graduated from design school during a time of enormous economic growth in her home country. She capitalized on those boom times, honing her design skills working on a gamut of retail and hospitality projects. Through this experience, Sarah learned the importance of curating the human experience within a space, and demonstrated how architecture and interior design can be an effective tool for facilitating memorable moments and impactful interactions.

While Ireland’s economic recession initially brought Sarah to Vancouver in 2011, she soon realized that she had found a second home—both in the city and within the studio. Sarah found perfect alignment between the studio’s design approach, which caters to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of occupants, and her own passion for elevating people’s experience within space through purposeful design.

The reception area and central boardroom of Miller Titerle + Co.
Unique Clients = Unique Solutions
Miller Titerle + Co. is a leading example of how unique clients need unique solutions. This progressive law firm is 100% open plan, with a robust offering of support spaces that allow employees to do their best work in alignment with their non-corporate culture.
“We are not designers of space; we are co-creators. We have a responsibility to our clients—their culture, their business drivers, and their brand—to orchestrate a series of experiences that are a true reflection of their uniqueness.”
CBRE Vancouver
Advocate for Wellbeing

Designing workplaces that look great is only a small part of what we do. The real work is in creating workspaces that function in a way that not only supports, but also enhances the wellbeing of the occupant. From the selection of healthy materials and the promotion of active design, to the creation of a spatial program that facilitates choice and control of personal environments, Sarah and her team of interior designers advocate for the occupant’s health every step of the way in the design process, seeking solutions that match their client’s unique needs.

Fun Fact
An avid crafter, Sarah’s own sustainability efforts began in early childhood with the upcycling of trash to treasures. Fondly referred to by her family as “magpie,” Sarah happily hoarded string, cardboard, broken toys, and whatever else caught her eye in order to give it a second life.
Bench Accounting
The Empowered Workplace

Sarah's Featured Work

Bench's hard working social space provides for gathering space for social functions, work space during the day and can be configured for all office meetings.
Bench Accounting Office Interiors
Vancouver, British Columbia