Tim Bakos

Principal, Operations Director

A team leader, Tim has always approached work and life with a passion for mentorship. Whether it is coaching his children’s soccer teams or leading a team to project completion after years of planning, design, and construction. Through it all, Tim’s positive attitude and determination is always present.

At an early age, a life devoted to the architecture field was a natural calling. From working alongside his father remodeling their home, to creating clay figures that were sold at the local craft store, his interest in the construction and design of the physical world was ever-present. Tim’s natural inclination towards numbers and problem solving gave him the unique skills to become an operations leader for our Washington, DC and New York studios.


Fun Fact

Tim’s passion truly started to flourish when he jumped at the opportunity to take a drafting class in high school. He found great satisfaction in the drawing process and being able to share his creations with others.

"I feel my role is to help people do what they love to do, and align those goals and objectives with our firm."

Tim's Featured Work

Schiff Hardin LLP – Law Office
Washington, D.C.