Viren Kallianpur

Associate Principal, Urban Design, Vancouver

Born into a military family, Viren was exposed from a young age to constant change, which provided a diversity of experiences and created a strong foundation for his resilient nature. Having lived and worked in Singapore, India, the United States, and Canada, Viren is conscious and sensitive to the nuances of people, cultures, history, and the morphology of various cities.

Trained as an architect, Viren turned his focus to urban design and planning, due to his fascination with cities and his eagerness to design them with a people-first approach. He starts off every project by asking, “What’s best for people and the planet?” Cities are complex entities; Viren creates solutions by taking a holistic look at the issues through multiple lenses to reach the perfect balance.

As a member of our Firmwide Resilience Taskforce and co-leader of the Vancouver studio’s Resilience Lab, Viren demonstrates his passion for resilience by leading teams to create sustainable and resilient communities using performance-based design and high-quality research.

“You can’t design cities in a day, a month, or a year. They evolve. As urban designers and planners, we have the opportunity and responsibility to create robust but flexible frameworks that enable both the city and its people to evolve in a sustainable and resilient way.”
Port Moody Master Plan Sketch
Port Moody TOD Master Plan, Port Moody BC
Leveraging the assets of the context to create an authentic transit oriented development that upholds livability, while offering social, economic and environmental benefits to the larger community.
Portage and Main Rendering
Portage and Main, Winnipeg AB
Envisioning a new future for "Canada's Crossroads" by honouring the history and heritage, enhancing connectivity and celebrating public life on the streets.
Viren sees streets as one of the most fundamental contributors to the identity and structure of a city. Streets outlive buildings; while buildings go through cycles of change, streets usually evolve at a slower pace.
In his off time, Viren pursues visual arts, specifically painting and drawing. He loves listening to music and plays drums and percussions.
Plasticycle digital drawing
A digital drawing by Viren, titled "Plasticycle"—yearning people to eliminate the use of plastics.
Viren is the first person in Canada to earn the RELi AP accreditation