Flexibility, Transformation and Innovation

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

As a socially and environmentally responsible building that helps regenerate its natural context, the project embodies the mission and vision of the company as a worldwide entity committed to global wellbeing. A common theme throughout the design is adaptability at multiple scales: in the building’s approach to the environment; in its research focus and organization; and a more extreme sense, in laboratory design allowing rapid reconfiguration of units focusing on Latin American-specific product development.

The team saw its project goals revolve around the idea of transformation, and articulated that transformation in three key ways: Adaptable Facilities, Restorative Systems, Sustainable Beauty

“The Brazil Research & Innovation Center has been conceived to stimu-late innovation through the use of technology, new collaborative meth-ods, and the integration of consumers into our innovation process.” Laurent Attal, Executive Vice President, Research & Innovation L’Oreal

Time do Projeto

Pat Bosch
Jose Bofill