Emily Klein

Associate Principal, Planning and Strategies, Boston

How can we more fully humanize the workplace? And, how do we help employees bring their whole selves to work? These are some of the questions that Emily has tackled over the course of her diversified career—spanning change management, workplace strategy, and organizational development (to name a few). She finds joy in sharing knowledge with others, and is an active advisor, speaker, and author. As the Director of Workplace Strategy for our Boston studio, Emily collaborates with clients across sectors to understand the future of work for them, building tailored solutions that optimize employee experience and help navigate complex change.

When she’s not digging into organizational complexities, you can find Emily practicing what she preaches: designing a well-rounded life for health and well-being. For her, that means as much time as possible spent running, skiing, and cycling with her husband and daughter.

Projects are successful when you find really custom, tailored solutions that meet the client’s overarching needs—solutions that we discover through exploration together.

Emily Klein, Associate Principal