Meena Krenek

Principal, Interior Design Director, Los Angeles

If Meena hadn’t become a designer, she would surely have become a social scientist. Fascinated by the way people respond to, identify with, and derive meaning from spaces and places, her desire to understand the human experience in the built environment is as personal as it is professional. Perhaps her innate curiosity stems from her upbringing: raised by parents from different countries and cultures, Meena has always had an ability to put herself in others’ shoes and see the world through their eyes.

Meena believes the best design evokes human emotion by stimulating the senses. Step inside a space she’s designed, and you’ll instantly be taken on an experiential journey—your eyes drawn to artful lines, your ears attuned to ambient sounds, your fingertips tickled by texture. Because it’s when function meets form and feeling, Meena believes, that a project reaches its full potential.

“As a designer, I’m acutely aware of the power of design to change human behavior. That’s why I always seek a deeper meaning, experience, or positive contribution to society with my work.”

–Meena Krenek

Meena's Sketch
Every sketch deserves an aspect of the user experience and journey mapping. Adding people into a raw sketch idea allows for the space to truly come to life.
Meena's sketch
People don't always remember how a space looks, but they always remember how it makes them feel. People-centric thinking starts by imagining the end-user and their persona.

Meena’s design leadership has caught the attention of design editors and awards jurors far and wide. Here are just a few recent accolades:

  • 2018 “One to Watch” by the American Society of Interior Designers
  • 2019 “Designer You Should Know” by Contract
  • 2019 “Hot List” by Specify, a Metropolis publication
Shaw Showroom
The stair structure and viewing platform represent the form and shape of a tufting machine. The design takes notes from the carpet manufacturing industry.
Shaw Contract Showroom
Rear-view mirrors showcase the mission statement for The text is written on the wall backwards and reflected in the mirrors. Headquarters
Fun Fact
Defining Moments

Meena’s passion for design? Chalk it up to leather-bound colored pencils and a 3D picture book! Early childhood experiences with these two art-friendly items set her on a lifelong path toward sketching and space creation. “The very first time I saw drawings in a picture book lift from the page, it was magical. I knew I wanted to be a part of that,” she says. “And the colored pencils? They were so beautiful in their leather case; they got me to think about drawing in a whole new way.”

Meena on Interior Design
Meena and her family.

Meena's Featured Work

Unilever's North American Headquarters
Unilever North American Headquarters
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Carter’s Headquarters
Atlanta, Georgia
Spencer Stuart
Los Angeles, California