Spencer Stuart

Los Angeles, California
A magnet for leaders and connections

With a global reputation for deep relationships and industry expertise in discovering and developing leaders, Spencer Stuart’s services are unparalleled. Known in the marketplace as thought leaders and connection makers, the firm takes pride in its strong and personal network of relationships and commitment to diversity and inclusion. To build on these fundamental values, the design team developed two concepts for the project: layers of knowledge, and network of connections. These concepts are executed through a series of layers, framed perspectives, openings, glass walls, ceiling elements, and lighting. The elements harmonize to create an office that helps foster connections and reconnect employees to the Spencer Stuart brand and culture.

Natural light fills the open office and views of Los Angeles draw connections between the office and users, and their context within the city. Occupant well-being is enhanced by various choices of work environments and the inclusion of greenery.
What Makes It Cool
Now that employees can be working anywhere, the design gives them a reason to come into the office.
The Union—A place for meaningful connections in a bright, open, central space.
The adjacent glass walls of the conference room create a framed view into and through the space offering borrowed light, views, and camaraderie from the Union to the workspaces beyond.
A variety of workspace options were designed to provide users spaces that will meet individual work styles, and the needs of a particular task.
Enhanced User Experiences

Transparency creates opportunities for deeper sightlines which lead to clearer wayfinding and understanding of the space. More than just glass partitions, transparency was created by using half-height walls, open shelving, glass corners, and framed perspectives.

What It Is
A destination that fosters relationship building, partnerships, and sharing your business and social networks
Places of Respite
Bright materials and rich textures, such as the recycled newspaper wallcovering, ribbed acoustic wallcovering, and velvety curtain, give this space a unique identity.
Reservable rooms with glass fronts provide a variety of workspace options while maintaining access to daylighting and incredible views. Graphic wallcoverings and vibrant carpets provide moments of personality in the space which reflect the culture of the Spencer Stuart LA team.

Project Team